Terms and Conditions (TOS)

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Terms and Conditions of Go LiteSpeed Hosting.Services are easy to understand and NOT RESTRICTED of your OWN RIGHTS.

1. All clients registered must make payments before the due date unless within 3 days after the due date the service will be suspended and after 5 days of the due date the clients will be terminated and all the data will be lost and cannot be restored.

2. Late Fees will apply to payments not on time which means not paying on or before the due date. In this case a 5% of the bill value will be added as Late Fees. To overcome the Late Fees you must contact support with your issues to get rid of the Late Fees (must be done before the due date).

3. We will have the Fair Use Policy (FUP) and Refund Policy which will help clients to enjoy their max of the hosting and provide a better performance on hosting services to all the clients.

4. Nulled and Illegal scripts, any kind of CPU Abusive Grabber Script which are not authorized is not allowed but Trial scripts and softwares are allowed until the end of trial period. In case of DMCA complaints your hosting will be TERMINATED with NO REFUNDS provided.

5. Websites running for Criminal Activities and Political Protests are not allowed and sites using shells to make DDoS Attacks will be TERMINATED with NO REFUNDS.

6. All websites found Illegal by LEGAL AUTHORITIES will be Permanently BANNED. So these kind of website owners are not recommended to buy hosting from us.

7. Go LiteSpeed Hosting reserves the rights to change the Terms and Conditions without notice.

8. Free Domain is considered to be a promotion and it will be valid for only one Year from purchase, The client must renew the domain afterwards to continue using the domain.

9. Go LiteSpeed Hosting is a subsidiary of BOSS Solutio and operated by BOSS Solution . All Web Application and Web Design and Development services are provided by BOSS Solution Team.

10. For Web application and Design Development, FAQ section must be read and followed.

10. Total product price when paid is the maximum liability of us.


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